Cympad is a complete cymbal sound optimizer system produced by Reto Hirschi in Switzerland. Cympad makes your cymbals sound smooth and gentle without any loss of sound quality. Isolates cymbal vibration from the stand, reduces both volume and unwanted overtones, moderates sustain and increases articulation. Washers made of foam protect your cymbals increasing their lifetime, do not loose shape during usage and have many advantages compering to conventional felts. Having a great modern outlook different types, sizes and packages are available in the line.

My Story Using Cympad

“…Once we had a concert with our drums and dulcimer duo project in an echoing empty chapel. Because the acoustic circumstances were really hard to play drums I decided to put on the biggest foam washers from my Moderator Box. My sound became soft and gentle immediately, everything went well, audience was happy and we survived this very tough performing situation. I ‘ m absolutely sure that we could not make it without these extremely useful products. Cympad simply saved my life there…”

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